Creating a Sense of Community in Idaho

When you don't fit in with the majority's culture, it is difficult to find your voice. Learn how one person is rooting themselves back to Idaho and creating a sense of community.

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Kotonks & Buddhaheads: How Japanese American Experiences Differ on the Mainland and in Hawai'i

As a Japanese American who grew up with family ties in Hawai'i but came of age in California, I've encountered some cultural differences based on experiences and history. Here, I attempt to unearth some of that history.

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Diaspora: An Infographic

Where exactly is the Japanese diaspora? Check out our visual depiction of where the Nikkei community has settled around the world.

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A Space for Ourselves: Thoughts from a Black Yonsei

What is it to be a Black Japanese American? What should I tell you? What should you know? 

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Nikkei Diaspora: A Photo Essay

A collection of photos capturing family, friendship, cultural preservation, isolation, and the Japanese diaspora.

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Historia de AELU con Jimmy Shimabukuro

Una introducción a la AELU, un lugar de reunión para la comunidad Nikkei y Japonesa en Lima, Perú.

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Visiting the Largest Japanese Stadium in Peru

Imagine the Little Tokyo Budokan. Now imagine that with a school, four restaurants, and many more sports courts. I spoke with the president of one of the most well-known Japanese Stadiums in Peru to learn about its history and the strength of the Nikkei Community in Peru.

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Our Family Journey Map

With this journey map activity, you’ll be able to gather some clues about your family’s history. Perfect for all ages - take a look and see what’s inside!

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Have a Cold Beverage on Us

An interactive online vending machine?! That's right. Complete with soft drinks inspired by the Japanese diaspora, our Yo! Vending Machine provides you with a fun drink, and a little tidbit about where it's from inspired by our diaspora.

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This past June, Okaeri LA hosted the first ever Queer Obon (we think), or a festival designed to bring LGBTQ+ people together in community for this important Buddhist holiday.

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Yo! Camp 2023 was one for the ages. Read on.

A Lump of Play-Doh: Growing Up Mixed

If I really think about it I know there were many people who thought that my mix of backgrounds was cool throughout my childhood; however, I can’t help but focus on those in my life that made me feel like I didn’t belong.

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