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Born and raised in Gardena, CA, Michelle has a passion for education, food, social deduction games, and dogs.

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What's Your Salary?

Curious what other positions and folks get paid? Here's an easy and anonymous way to share and see!

8 Things You Remember If You Had AZN Pride

If you grew up in the early 00s, you know some, if not all, of these these that were uniquely Millennial AZN.

Found in Translation at the 2020 Olympics: What it's like to translate at the Olympics

He was there! Explore the experience of translating at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

To All the Things I Did During Quarantine

With more time at home, and less time with people, I compiled a list of all the things I did during quarantine (with price ratings!)

Must Have Japanese Beauty Products

Let's face it: when it comes to skincare, most of us don't know where to start. Here is a helpful list of products that we actually tried out.

Making the Holidays Great (Again)

If you're feeling like the holidays don't have the same sparkle, we got you.

Unique & Essential Japanese Kitchen Gadgets

Thinking about the one family member who likes to cook, but seems to have everything? Here are 11 unique Japanese kitchen gadgets to add to their collection.

Board Diversity: It's 2020 and We Can Do More

Explore how a diverse board can enhance an organizations decision-making, network, and innovation.

Japanese Horror Movies to Binge on Halloween

We've compiled a list of some favorite Japanese horror movies that will make you want to yell "Kowai!"

Safe Activities for a Healthy & Happy Halloween

It's the most pumpkin time of the year! We've compiled a list of fun activities to do to stay safe, but still have a happy Halloween.

5 Things to Know for Organizations Looking to Go Green: An Interview with Sustainable Shifts

We sat down with Kahlil and William of Sustainable Shifts to learn more about how organizations can use more green or eco-friendly practices.

GAME TIME: The Hiragana Game

Test your Hiragana skills with this fun and free game! For kiddos (and parents!) 6 years and up.

GAME TIME: Murder Mystery

We created a FREE murder mystery game for you to download and play with your crew!

Bodacious Board Games

Love board games? Come on this journey with me to judge board game packaging. For readers 8 and up.

Tips and Ideas for Nikkei Student Union Online Meetings

NSU meetings are going to be a bit different this year. We're sharing our Zoom tips and ideas to make this year a success for you and your cabinet.


You love watching them compete, and I just like watching them! Come check out my list of hot Olympians.

Historia de AELU con Jimmy Shimabukuro

Una introducción a la AELU, un lugar de reunión para la comunidad Nikkei y Japonesa en Lima, Perú.

Visiting the Largest Japanese Stadium in Peru

Imagine the Little Tokyo Budokan. Now imagine that with a school, four restaurants, and many more sports courts. I spoke with the president of one of the most well-known Japanese Stadiums in Peru to learn about its history and the strength of the Nikkei Community in Peru.

Have a Cold Beverage on Us

An interactive online vending machine?! That's right. Complete with soft drinks inspired by the Japanese diaspora, our Yo! Vending Machine provides you with a fun drink, and a little tidbit about where it's from inspired by our diaspora.

Normalizing Self-Love: An Interview with Sex Toy Company Co-Founder Anna Lee

We're talking about self-love as it relates to sexual health. What is a smart vibrator? How does it work? We break it all down for you in our interview with Lioness co-founder Anna Lee.

8 Tips for a Quarantine Wedding

Wedding planning can be stressful. Throw a pandemic in the mix and it seems almost impossible! We've created a short list of tips for folks planning a quarantine-friendly wedding.

How One of the Largest Obons Celebrates at Home

This year, many temples and community centers are faced with the big challenge of capturing the spirit of obons and matsuris while at home. San Jose Obon's committee member Matt Ogawa shares how the largest obon in North America transitioned to having "Obon@Home."

These Life Choices Will Show Which Dad Phrase You Embody

Fathers and father figures usually give us sound advice, support us through thick and thin, and guide us through our lives. Which mantra do you embody?

Here's What My Dog is Saying About Quarantine

Woof woof! Read a comic about how quarantine has impacted one dog's life... for the better.

Family Ki (Tree) Investigation

This month as we celebrate our heritage, we have assigned you a mission: find out more about your ancestors. We can take advantage of this time to share stories about our families and reconnect with relatives.

You Probably Didn't Know These Things About Okinawa

Vegetable superheroes, snake liquor, and fried doughnuts are just some of the things that make Okinawan culture amazing. To learn more about some of the things that make Okinawa's culture so rich and vibrant, read on.

What Kind of Mom Are You?

We love our mamas and our maternal figures. Here's a fun way to reflect on all of the wonderful and useful tidbits they've passed on to us.

Children's Day at Home!

Koi, dragon, samurai. What do all of these have to do with Kodomo no Hi, or Children’s Day? Find out in our activity booklet!