You love watching them compete, and I just like watching them! Come check out my list of hot Olympians.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Today, I am that holder. It’s time to share with you some of the hottest Olympic athletes. Some of these folks have achieved beautiful goals, some have achieved beautiful advancements, but all of them have beautiful bodies! Come celebrate some of my favorite people to look at, I mean cheer on.

*Note: most of these athletes are from recent Olympics with the exception of a few. Also, I don’t usually watch the Olympics, or any sport for that matter. But I do love ice skating and synchronized swimming, so I tried not to be too biased and scattered in a few athletes from various events. Enjoy!

Nathan Adrian, USA - Swimming

Right off the bat, here is a hot take: he isn’t really my type. BUT I can definitely see his hotness. He is a Hotlympian, just not MY Hotlympian.

Wikimedia Commons

Yuna Kim, Republic of Korea - Figure Skating

QUEEN. There’s a lot of figure skaters on here, but it's because they all have amazing bodies! Strong legs, elegant frames, just beautiful! Yuna is queen of elegance, for me. She is an ice queen, but her performances are captivating! Hotlympian, for sure (or maybe a Coldlympian...because of ice...).


Nathan Chen, USA - Figure Skating

Oops, another skater! I think Nathan Chen is such a cutie! I think his tushy is v cute, too.

NBC News

Chloe Kim, USA - Snowboarding

BADDIE! I love her hair! I definitely think she is a Hotlympian! She’s a gorgeous butt-kicking athlete!

The Guardian

Maia Shibutani, USA - Pairs Figure Skating

Another hot take! Maia made my list but Alex didn’t, sorry (not sorry)! I just think Maia is beautiful! I love her outfits, and her spunk! Definite Hotlympian.

Today Show

Patrick Chan, USA - Figure Skating

So, I wasn’t on board the Patrick train at first, but then I grew an unhealthy love for his chin. It makes a great profile when he skates! Hotlympian with the chin!


Pita Taufatofua, Tonga - Taekwondo + Cross Country Skiing

Okay, now we’re getting into the steamy stuff. Parents, if you are reading this, please stop!

For everyone else - WOW. Pita is a gorgeous man! He went viral for not wearing a shirt and oiling up during the opening ceremonies, and I don’t blame him. Hotlympian.

Today Show

Alex Hua Tian, China - Equestrian

Not only is Alex the first Chinese equestrian, he’s the first equestrian to ever capture my heart (not as important or meaningful to him, but it is to me!) He has a gorgeous smile and amazing hair! When I see pictures of him with the horses, I think of elegance, majesty, and Tina from Bob’s Burgers. People who are great with animals get a little extra bonus points from me. Hotlympian with a horse!

The Gait Post

Asuka Cambridge, Japan - Track and Field

I like the flow of Asuka’s name! I also love his scowl. I chose a Nike picture because his face is too good here. That scowl gets me. Hotlympian with an excellent SMOLDER.

Nike React

Quah Zheng Wen, Singapore - Swimmer

Quah is more of a cutie than a Hotlympian, at first. When he is swimming, you can see the Hotlympian take his true form.

Singapore Olympics

Hassan Saaid, Maldives - Sprinter

ANGRY ABS. Hassan’s body is intense! I am grateful for his hard work, because now I get to appreciate it!


Arthur Nory Mariano, Brazil - Gymnastics

Arthur is a great mix of cutie and hottie. CHOTTIE ALERT! I really like his hair, and I think his smile is veryyyyyy sweet. I also think Portuguese is the most beautiful language, so extra points for that!

Google Images

Julian Yee, Malaysia - Figure Skater

Julian is also another cutie that made the list. I have such a soft spot for my figure skaters. Bonus - he looks very tall.

Yuzuru Hanyu, Japan - Figure Skater

Yuzuru is known as a cutie, but I think when he skates, he is so intense! He also gets extra points because his hair is always perfect for his emotional performances. Something about an elegant man skating to intense classical music is very alluring to me - anyone else?

New York Times

JR Celski, USA - Speed Skater

Similar to Patrick Chan, I wasn’t a huge fan of JR, AT FIRST. But, I realized he is in fact a good-looking speed skater. I think it’s the long skates for speed skating that take away from his looks. But I will recognize his Hotlympian status.

NBC Olympics

Apolo Ohno, USA - Speed Skater

I am ready for the hate here. I. do. Not. think. Apollo. Is. Hot. THERE, I SAID IT! It’s a dark secret I have been harboring for a long, long time. All my relatives and friends love him, but I am vehemently opposed to the soul patch. It ruins the whole thing for me. I recognize he is a Hotlympian...but meh.

New York Times

Neeraj Chopra, India - Track and Field

It’s really Neeraj’s hair that gets me. I am not usually a long hair kinda gal, but his hair in particular is great. Hotlympian hair.

Indian Express

PV Sindhu, India - Badminton

PV has amazing arms! I also think her smile is gorgeous! I think she’s more of a beautiful Olympian, but the passion in this photo bumps her up to hot.

This Week India

Heidi Gan, Malaysia - Swimmer

Heidi looks amazing in this photo. Her arms are goals for me. She is a gorgeous Olympian, and v hot.

Marie Claire

Victoria Manalo Draves, USA - Diver

While researching, I stumbled upon Victoria. She is one of the few older Olympians on here, but her photo literally stopped me in my tracks! I knew right then she was an OG Hotlympian.


Marcel Nguyen, Germany - Gymnast

I’m a sucker for sleeve tattoos (and also weirdly neck tattoos?). I really like Marcel’s name, and his body! I think his smile cements his Hotlympian status.

Maia Song

Olga Asato, Peru - Volleyball

Another older Olympian. Olga is my aunt, and one of the few Peruvian Olympians. She’ll always be a Hotlympian for me!

Olga Asato

Michelle Kwan, USA - Figure Skater

No one beats Michelle Kwan. I literally cry when I watch her 2004 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Long Program (Tosca by Puccini). She is beautiful, and she brings so much heat and passion to her performance. I fall in love with her every time she performs! My #1 Hotlympian!


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