Curious what other positions and folks get paid? Here's an easy and anonymous way to share and see!

What's your salary? Share as much as you're comfortable with!

Salary transparency can be a way for us, as a community, to disclose our salaries, benefits, etc. at various jobs and positions, so we can better negotiate for ourselves and find the best fit.

Fatherly Finance Advice for Beginners

Learning to balance my frugality alongside some fatherly finance advice.


When Tragedy Strikes in Nonprofit Work

Strengthening capacity to navigate tragedy and support wellness in nonprofit work. Read until the end for philanthropy's role in supporting nonprofit workers.


Saishin Dojo: Continuing Culture

“Say ‘hashi’ and not ‘chopstick.’ Say ‘kaikan’ instead of ‘social hall.’” Rev. Mas explained to us how adults ask questions, and want to know the exact meaning of everything, but the kids will pick it up. It’s the way we all learned. 


Capturing Our History - Zentoku

The Zentoku Foundation's mission is to be valued as an organization focused on strengthening the Japanese American culture for future generations.