Dina Furumoto

A yonsei constantly trying to bridge their love of community, culture, history, and food together. On the ultimate quest to define what the perfect "Japanese-American" dessert is and an avid lover of carbs, bread, and anything comforting.

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Dina’s Guide to Surviving Graduate School Applications

Graduate school can be a daunting journey filled with imposter syndrome and self-doubt, but it can also be an exciting next step that can open many new doors and opportunities. To help ease the burden, here are a few tips that I’d like to share to those considering graduate school.

Speak Your Truth

Being Japanese American, I grew up with the expectations of not being a “burden” to other people, and living in the pandemic has sometimes felt like treading in deep waters without rest. 

Healing Through Food

How a loaf of bread helped me process grief after the Atlanta shootings.

To All the Non-Athletic Athletes

To all the workouts that I never loved.

A Year of (Literal) Growth

Hair salons were closed. This is what a year of growth literally looks like, but in hair.

(Almost) Brand New Recipes

Ready to freshen up your meal schedule with some legacy recipes? We took a dive into some of our favorite community cookbooks to source some recipes that you definitely haven't heard of.

Some Tricks, But More Treats

Why have pumpkin when you can have persimmon?

For the People! Sustainability and Face Masks

One person's journey toward utilizing their passion for sustainability and activism through making face masks.

Going Above and Beyond: How People Are Learning Skills Outside of School

Learn from these incredible young adults and adopt a new hobby or skill set outside of the traditional school books!

Yo Mural – It’s an Opening Ceremony!

Let your imagination run wild! What do you think the Tokyo opening ceremony be like?

Get Your Dance On – Olympic Style

Learn the background of the popular Olympic odori dance, Tokyo Gorin Ondo!

Creating a Sense of Community in Idaho

When you don't fit in with the majority's culture, it is difficult to find your voice. Learn how one person is rooting themselves back to Idaho and creating a sense of community.

For My Love of Foamy Soda, Onigiri, and Baked Goods

One baker reflects on her early food memories and how making food has proven to be a trusted form of self-love as an adult.

An Icy Treat to Beat the Summer Heat

No shaved ice machine? No problem! You can make granita.

When You’re In a Pickle…

When in doubt, turn it into a pickle!

7 Layer Wonder

Join me on my quest to find the origins of the rainbow Jell-O - a fixture at many community events and parties.

Strawberry Fields Forever - Ichigo Daifuku

Strawberry season is here! Fight the early spring heat by making some ichigo daikfu as a tasty treat.