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radiYO! | February 2023 Playlists

For whatever Valentine’s Day mood you might be in - check out our February radiYO! playlists from some of our favorite tastemakers.

We Love Love (and Valentine's Day)

Despite the mixed reputation of Valentine's Day, I'm here to offer a few reasons to help advocate for my personal favorite holiday. We really do love love, so why not love Valentine's Day too? :)

The Non-Definitive List of How to Avoid Faux Pas at Asian American Functions

With the holidays coming up, there will be plenty of potlucks, parties, dinners, etc. that many will be attending, so here's a non-definitive list of how to avoid faux pas at Asian American gatherings.

Following Family Recipes: A Saga

When certain nostalgic cravings hit, I love the idea of getting to follow family recipes. The eating portion is great, the "aw I get to connect with my family" is great, but the "here's a semi-legible recipe/grocery list, good luck" makes it much more of a challenge.

Why Is It So Hard To Give Up Amazon?

Businesses like Amazon have become consumer staples because of convenient shipping options and low costs. Despite reports of unethical practices and its misalignment with my own values, why is it still so hard to give it up?

Quiet Support or Loud Disapproval: Thoughts on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games has been riddled with controversy since the start of the global pandemic, and yet in the eyes of a number of governing bodies, the show must go on. So now what?

So What's The Deal With Japanese Americans & Fishing?

Fishing has always been popular in the Japanese American community and understanding our community's history, it makes sense.

Things I Ate During Quarantine

Curious about some of the things I ate during quarantine? No? Well here's an entire photo journal!

Background Beauty

Whether on Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime, virtual backgrounds are always an option, but how about getting to see the "natural beauty" of video conference backgrounds to get a genuine sneak peek into people's lives?

Christmas Cards: Yea or Nay?

Christmas cards feel like a holiday staple, but not everyone feels the ~spirit~ of the exchange. Are you #TeamChristmasCards??

Hearing (And Sharing) Our Grandparents' Stories

Deep down, we know it's important to make an effort to hear our grandparents' stories, but starting those conversations can sometimes be challenging. Here's another reminder that it's definitely worth trying.

The Asian American Community Business Shopping Guide

Are you ready? We've sourced over 100 community-based businesses all offering one-of-a-kind items. Buy for that special someone, or treat yourself.

3 Asian-Inspired Fall Cocktails

What better way to get into the autumnal spirit than with spirits! I mean, alcohol! Here are three Asian-inspired fall cocktail recipes for you to try for your next happy hour.

Boo's At The Door?

Ding dong! Who's at the door? Find out and see some friends of Yo! dressed in their Halloween best as kiddos.

Card Games and Board Games Played in Camp

In an effort to provide a fun way to connect with family and even get a different glimpse of camp, we've gathered a list of common card games and board games played in Japanese American concentration camps.

Living At Home (Together, Again)

For many students and young adults, moving back home is the new norm. Some might be quick to say that students get the short end of the stick, but who's to say it's a walk in the park for parents? Read some tips for adjusting to living under one roof again.

The Best (and Worst) Tokyo 2020 Merch

The good, the bad, and the really not so great. Check out some of the best (and worst) Tokyo 2020 Olympic merchandise - let's see what the judges have to say!

Our Family Journey Map

With this journey map activity, you’ll be able to gather some clues about your family’s history. Perfect for all ages - take a look and see what’s inside!

A Penny For Your (Dating) Thoughts

Are there things you'd tell your 25-year-old-self navigating through the world of dating? Curious to know my thoughts on some commonly asked dating questions?

Yo! Mural: Happi Coat Patterns

Happi coat, happy life - that’s how the saying goes, right? Check out some happi coat patterns designed by several of our talented friends in honor of obon season!

Keep'n It Simple - Japanese American Dad Fashion

Japanese American dad fashion: you know it when you see it and you definitely love to poke fun at it, but you also wouldn’t change a thing.

Black Lives Matter Resource Roundup

Explore our Black Lives Matter Resource Roundup, in solidarity with Black communities in the ongoing fight for racial justice. Click through the different resources, bookmark them for later, or share them with your family and friends to help stay informed on issues in the Black Lives Matter movement.

5 Spotify Playlists From Yo! to You (COVID-19 Edition)

Because we’re all sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to share some curated Spotify playlists to help you get through the day. Choose from Sansei hits, lo-fi beats, songs celebrating Black artists, and more!