For whatever Valentine’s Day mood you might be in - check out our February radiYO! playlists from some of our favorite tastemakers.

Valentine's Day Disco, by Scott

KPOP LUV AFFAIR <3, by Hannah

In: Valentine's Day / Out: Disliking Valentine's Day, by Megan

A high school valentine playlist, by Philip

Anti-Valentine's Valentine's Day, by Dina

"Blue Eye Samurai" creators hope viewers can appreciate Japanese culture in Netflix’s newest adult animated series

The series, which premiered on Netflix on November 3rd and stars PEN15's Maya Erskine, is the story of a mixed-race, female sword master’s revenge set in Edo-period Japan.


Our Legacy: How I Created a Family Photo Archive

So you’re looking to process that box of old photos in the back of your baachan’s closet? You’ve come to the right place.


"George the JA" in Netflix's "Beef"

George from the Netflix show BEEF serves as a reminder of my privilege as a Japanese American.


Summer's End | radiYO! September 2023 Playlists

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