Ding dong! Who's at the door? Find out and see some friends of Yo! dressed in their Halloween best as kiddos.

There's something about the holidays where my nostalgia really starts to kick in. Halloween is no exception - I have fond memories of Halloween parties growing up, where my mom would make grape Jell-O bats and orange Jell-O pumpkins with mandarin orange slices. My dad is surprisingly enough an incredible pumpkin carving connoisseur. And of course, the costumes: the little outfits that you wear for one day/evening (twice if you're lucky enough to be an outfit repeater in later years without anyone recognizing).

The idea for this article came out of my love for old photos, seeing friends' old photos, and cute kids! Since celebrating Halloween looks a little different this year, we thought we could bring a little trick-or-treat fun to you digitally. Click through to see which friend of Yo! (contributors and friends) arrives at your door. You might see some familiar faces, so be sure to give them a proverbial big candy bar to make their Halloween night.

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