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What Sounds Like Home: On Creating Black and Asian American Identity Through Music

As Asian Americans, we too can lose sight of music as a border-defying site of home-making. Too often, Asian American artists and musicians are embroiled in Black cultural appropriation just to shed these ornamentations later in favor of another aesthetic. So how do we make a better home for each other in our music?

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Meet FIG

Originally from Malaysia and now based in New York City, 21 year-old Fay Liew (aka FIG) is about to become your new favorite indie pop artist. Stream her debut album, “BUD,” out now!

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Your (ANNOYING) questions for DJs. Answered by DJs.

Question: Can you play my song request? Answer: No. Find out the answers to your deepest darkest DJ questions from real DJs.

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Five (A)API Playlists for Fall 2022

Five playlists from five very different individuals... There's bound to be something in here that suits your taste.

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Music is for the People

Let me ask you: what do your dreams and passions look like when they’re not bound by the pressures of time, status, or money?

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What Would You Be Listening To If You Lived In Japan?

Find out what your doppelganger in Japan listening to with this short quiz!

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Meditations on Lofi Hip Hop

I’m not sure whether having lofi on in the background while we work or think provides a reprieve from overstimulation or is a manifestation of need for stimulation, but in both cases, lofi has come about in the most connected and fast-paced time in history.

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What Your Favorite (Semi) Mainstream Asian Artist Says About You

Here's (almost) all of the semi-mainstream Asian and Asian American artists – and archetypes who listen to them – that you need to catch up on before you try showing off to your judgmental Gen Z family member. Again. ‍

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Big Dreams in Little Tokyo

Chazz Hannah reflects on his music journey and how his upbringing has influenced his style.

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From the Other Side of the Turntable: Connecting to my Ancestors in 78 Rotations per Minute

Aside from the last name and the smile, these 78s were the one thing that I could share with my grandfather - the thing that I knew was ours.

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