Nicole Oshima

Nicole (she/her) is a yonsei/gosei that is passionate about community building, hair dye, and pop culture. Based in Los Angeles, with her heart in Little Tokyo.

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Meet Kaycee Martin of Littlest & Co.

Meet Littlest & Co. founder Kaycee Martin.

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Rainy days got you down or needing a new shower playlist? Check out our April radiYO! playlists from some of our favorite tastemakers.

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Five (A)API Playlists for Fall 2022

Five playlists from five very different individuals... There's bound to be something in here that suits your taste.

Meet Yo! Magazine's Spring Student Collaborators

Meet our eight amazing Student Collaborators from our Spring cohort: Ashley, Erin, Hannah, Katie, Kendall, Jules, Michelle, and Yua!

Buttercream Dreams | An Interview with Kylie Miyamoto of Kymoto Co.

Meet Kylie Miyamoto of Kymoto Co., the Tustin-based online cake shop that specializes in minimalist and modern buttercream cakes.

Meet Lindsay Arakawa | @blindsaay

Join me as I dive into an interview with Lindsay Arakawa, a yonsei/gosei creator born in Hawaii, living in Tokyo, Japan, doing some amazing work.

Asian Halloween Costume Ideas 2021

Struggling to decide what to be for Halloween this year? Here are some ideas for Asian Halloween costumes!

For You/Me/Us Page: Identity Building Through TikTok

How is the Nikkei community represented on TikTok, and how will digital identity- and community-building affect our current generation?

Delivering Community Care One Meal at a Time: Little Tokyo Eats

Worried about some of our more vulnerable community members, many non-profit groups came together to help deliver delicious foods to local Little Tokyo seniors. This project, Little Tokyo Eats, benefited not only the seniors, but also the family and legacy-owned small businesses in Little Tokyo. After more than a year later, the program is ending.

15 Things You Have to Deal with as a Student in the Era of COVID-19

As if navigating classes and peer relationships in school isn't challenging enough, we've had to do it while going through a global pandemic. We empathize with all the students out there!