Celebrate Pride Month with playlists made by some of our favorite tastemakers.

driving on a friday in june, by Amanda

gay walk soundtrack, by Chet

Bbo Bbo, by Jason

pride & joy, by Paige

Studio Ghibli’s Mundane Masterpiece

If there’s one thing Studio Ghibli is known for, it’s their ability to create amazing fantasy worlds. So why is it that my favorite Studio Ghibli film takes place in our own mundane world?


“The Boy and the Heron” Prepares Studio Ghibli Fans to Say Goodbye

Although “The Boy and the Heron” encapsulates a profound message about physical loss, it also feels like a love letter to Studio Ghibli fans.


Meet Lisa Aihara, Illustrator of “One Musubi For Me: Counting Things Japanese”

We sat down with Lisa and her daughter Millie to let you in on who Lisa Aihara really is, and talk about her new book, "One Musubi For Me: Counting Things Japanese."


"Blue Eye Samurai" creators hope viewers can appreciate Japanese culture in Netflix’s newest adult animated series

The series, which premiered on Netflix on November 3rd and stars PEN15's Maya Erskine, is the story of a mixed-race, female sword master’s revenge set in Edo-period Japan.