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Andrew Takahashi is a 30-year-old closet otaku who loves biking, eating, and playing video games. In his spare time, he works as an environmental engineer. CHEEHOOO.

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8 Books To Help You on Your Mental Health Journey

‍If you are just starting out on your mental-health journey, I hope that some of these books may help give you some places to start in thinking about why we feel or think the way that we do. If you are deep in your mental health exploration, I hope that some of these books may help give you a new perspective or insight to help you continue your journey. I hope it is within these pages that something will inspire you and help you on your journey.

A Minimalist Packing Guide to a Week in Japan

If you are like me (or me previously) and have a compulsory need to pack 5 pairs of shoes for a 3 day trip and you want to change, then this article might be the one for you. Here’s my guide to going from a 50 lb check in bag to a 17 lb backpack for my 7-day Japan trip and all the options I had to consider.

Your (ANNOYING) questions for DJs. Answered by DJs.

Question: Can you play my song request? Answer: No. Find out the answers to your deepest darkest DJ questions from real DJs.

3 to 1: [Video] Gamers

Gamers of different video game generations with different opinions. Which do you identify with the console kids? The Minecraft gen? or the OG Lan-party kids?

Video Games: Friend or Foe?

Gamers used to be perceived as losers and incels (and some still are), but it's 2022: a lot has changed.

3 to 1: Summer Break

Summer break, some find it too hot, some find it too short, others don't care cause they're stuck in their cubicles during it. Let's see how teachers and students feel about it and why it is important.

What is Your Summer Cocktail 2022?

What is your summer cocktail of choice for 2022 and what does it say about you?

3 to 1: Fashion

Can fashion define a generation or is it transgenerational? We ask, they answer, you decide.

3 to 1: Business

How do generational differences affect business practices and philosophies? You want to know, and so do we.

3 to 1: Cultural Arts

How do generational differences affect opinions of cultural arts and their importance? You want to know, and so do we.

This is the Way

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. And if you guys can understand that, then what you’ll see happen is that you won’t accomplish your dreams, your dreams won’t come true; something greater will.

3 to 1: Love

3 Generations respond to 1 topic. 15 questions. In this issue: LOVE.

Allez Allez Allez!

Whether you learned to ride yesterday or have been riding for decades, own a beach cruiser, BMX, fixed gear, road or recumbent bike, are 10 or 60, I hope to inspire you to get out and ride.