Kyle Okazaki

Has an approximate knowledge of many things. UCLA alum, engineer, musician, and life long learner.

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May 2024 Issue: Japantowns Cover Art

To celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month, we wanted to highlight our Japantowns by dedicating our May issue to these spaces. Cover art by Kyle Okazaki, read more about his piece now.

Nikkei Community Activities Directory

Looking for activities to do in Nikkei Communities? Check out our directory now!

Japanese Nonfluency

Coming to terms with knowing Spanish better than Japanese was embarrassing yet indicative of the uniqueness of Japanese American culture.

Ghibli's Oppenheimer

Ghibli's "The Wind Rises" explores themes similar to that of Nolan's "Oppenheimer" that have influenced by engineering career.

"George the JA" in Netflix's "Beef"

George from the Netflix show BEEF serves as a reminder of my privilege as a Japanese American.

Fatherly Finance Advice for Beginners

Learning to balance my frugality alongside some fatherly finance advice.

Are Hostels For You?

It’s really just a matter of what you’re prioritizing on a trip, and if it’s meeting people and going out, then there really is no substitute for a hostel. This experience instilled confidence in accommodations for backpacking travelers and in my own abilities to deal with new situations and environments.

What Would You Be Listening To If You Lived In Japan?

Find out what your doppelganger in Japan listening to with this short quiz!

Meditations on Lofi Hip Hop

I’m not sure whether having lofi on in the background while we work or think provides a reprieve from overstimulation or is a manifestation of need for stimulation, but in both cases, lofi has come about in the most connected and fast-paced time in history.

626 Assembly Center

My grandmother and her family stood on the same ground as Asian Americans do today while attending 626 Night Market—albeit under extremely different circumstances—but it bothers me to know that her history is being forgotten or ignored.

Sake Crafting | An Interview with James Jin from Nova Brewing

Discover the creative process of crafting new sake and beer flavors from James Jin, the cofounder of Nova Brewing, and peek into life as a small business owner.