Food, Family, and a Little Shopping


Hearing (And Sharing) Our Grandparents' Stories

Deep down, we know it's important to make an effort to hear our grandparents' stories, but starting those conversations can sometimes be challenging. Here's another reminder that it's definitely worth trying.

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The Asian American Community Business Shopping Guide

Are you ready? We've sourced over 100 community-based businesses all offering one-of-a-kind items. Buy for that special someone, or treat yourself.

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Unique & Essential Japanese Kitchen Gadgets

Thinking about the one family member who likes to cook, but seems to have everything? Here are 11 unique Japanese kitchen gadgets to add to their collection.

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(Almost) Brand New Recipes

Ready to freshen up your meal schedule with some legacy recipes? We took a dive into some of our favorite community cookbooks to source some recipes that you definitely haven't heard of.

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The Language Barriers and Links in a MultiLingual Family

Growing up with multiple languages and cultures can mean barriers between family. But, there is beauty in finding common ground where there are gaps.

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What Kind of Among Us Player Are You?

Suddenly the most popular casual online game. But what's your style? Honorable? Saboteur? Poor Sport?

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Verbalizing Love in our JA Families

We love and appreciate our families, but as Japanese Americans, it can be hard to verbalize our feelings.

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Learn About Kinrōkanshahi 勤労感謝の日, or Labor Thanksgiving Day

Since 678, Japan celebrates a holiday around this time of the year by giving thanks to laborers and the fall harvest.

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Power Ranking: Thanksgiving Foods

A not-at-all-definitive power ranking of Thanksgiving foods.

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