Timothy Chuman

Second-year Communication Studies major at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Former intern at the Rafu Shimpo, co-founder of Cal Poly’s Nikkei Student Union, and always looking for ways to contribute to the Japanese American community.

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Should We Date Within the JA Community?

There can be consequences to dating within the JA community if things go poorly, but it may just be a risk worth taking.

Is There Stigma Surrounding Community College?

Education is for everyone, but do we end up judging everyone's education?

Escaping Camp Through Sports

Japanese Americans suffered greatly during WWII, but sports was one outlet that they relied on to escape their circumstances.

Losing my College Experience to a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused high school and college students to miss out on some of the best times of their lives.

Verbalizing Love in our JA Families

We love and appreciate our families, but as Japanese Americans, it can be hard to verbalize our feelings.

Haunted Japantowns

The historic Japantowns have served our community for over 100 years, but there are many untold stories that reveal a spooky side of these neighborhoods.

Finding Escape in Cards

Life in the Japanese American concentration camps was far from ideal, but as bad as the circumstances were, Japanese Americans tried to make the best of their situations. Having outlets like sports, dances, and especially card games helped children do exactly that.

Finding Home at School

Enjoying school can be hard when you feel like you don't belong. There are many factors that impact how much an individual enjoys school, but one that looms large is the demographics of the school.

Normalizing the term "Nikkei"

As Nikkei Japanese Americans, some of us are used to calling ourselves "JAs." However, the term may unintentionally divide our community, posing the question of if we should begin to normalize the term "Nikkei" instead.

The Christian Conundrum of Obon

The Buddhist origins of obon festivals pose a predicament for some Christians, noted as being in conflict with their religious beliefs, while others view them simply as a cultural event to celebrate Japanese American heritage.

Letting Go: A Short Story

The intense and passionate dancers found in the bon odori circles (you know who we're talking about) are true obon legends. Dance on!

More Than Just A Name: Embracing Our Names with Our Culture

When I was younger, my Japanese middle name was a source of shame, especially since I was surrounded by kids with American names. Now, I've learned how our names are innately tied to our culture.