August 2021


The Human in Human Resources

Are traditional human resource practices harming our community institutions? What are you doing to prioritize the wellbeing of the team powering your organization's work?

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What A Time To Be Alive (for an Asian American Sports Fan)

It has been a dream year for Asian Americans in global sport.

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For You/Me/Us Page: Identity Building Through TikTok

How is the Nikkei community represented on TikTok, and how will digital identity- and community-building affect our current generation?

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Found in Translation at the 2020 Olympics: What it's like to translate at the Olympics

He was there! Explore the experience of translating at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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How Should Japanese American Parents Talk to Their Kids About Race and Racism?

Explore some of the conversations Japanese Americans have had with their kids about racism, what they wish they'd talked about earlier, and how the dialogue may have evolved over time.

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Has Marie Kondo Gone Too Far?

For the past decade, Marie Kondo has built a base of followers, guided by her principles in decluttering and streamlined material possession. But has capitalism steered her away from her original purpose?

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