Stephanie Nitahara

Chicago yonsei turned Los Angeles nonprofit executive with a passion for building the Nikkei community nationwide. Avid advocate for social justice and mental wellness to undo systems of oppression. Mother to a senior pomchi, sourdough starter, and the occasional succulent.

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When Tragedy Strikes in Nonprofit Work

Strengthening capacity to navigate tragedy and support wellness in nonprofit work. Read until the end for philanthropy's role in supporting nonprofit workers.

Flying Free: Quitting your Job

Sharing stories of personal peace... after leaving the job.

Hello, from the Middle

A little reflection on the beginning of middle age and self love

Fierce Vulnerability with Gia Gunn

Gia Gunn chats about her journey from dancing Nihon-buyo as a child to RuPaul's Drag Race to self discovery and activism.

Holiday Tastes and Traditions

What food do you need to have to complete your holiday season? Three millennial women share the the meals and recipes that have become new traditions in their families - two recipes included!

The Yofficial Halloween Candy Ranking

Chocolate or fruit candies? Candy corn, do you love it or hate it? See if your favorites made it into our top 10 candies.

Roll for Initiative! Let's talk Id(&d)entity

Dungeons & Dragons is back and its players are more diverse than ever. In this article we explore how Japanese American players navigate the fantasy world, D&D's problematic past, and what they've learned about themselves along the way.

The Human in Human Resources

Are traditional human resource practices harming our community institutions? What are you doing to prioritize the wellbeing of the team powering your organization's work?

Into the Thick of It: Solo Camping with Rebecca Joy Ozaki

Want to go solo camping but worried about your safety? We interview camping expert Rebecca Joy Ozaki for tips.

Unwinding our Values: to Gaman and Grind

Is our nonprofit value of "suffer for the cause" really healthy for us at the end of the day?

Let's Talk About the Fox-Eye Trend

The fox-eye trend, particularly when paired with the migraine pose, is remarkably similar to how Asian people are often mocked for the shape of their eyes.

What's Your Obon Known For?

By no means an "official" list - peruse through our crowd-sourced list to explore the new, and reminisce on the familiar from obon's across the country.