September 2021


Why Is It So Hard To Give Up Amazon?

Businesses like Amazon have become consumer staples because of convenient shipping options and low costs. Despite reports of unethical practices and its misalignment with my own values, why is it still so hard to give it up?

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Roll for Initiative! Let's talk Id(&d)entity

Dungeons & Dragons is back and its players are more diverse than ever. In this article we explore how Japanese American players navigate the fantasy world, D&D's problematic past, and what they've learned about themselves along the way.

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Should We Date Within the JA Community?

There can be consequences to dating within the JA community if things go poorly, but it may just be a risk worth taking.

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Expectations & Reality for Legacy Family Businesses in the JA Community

When it comes to family-owned businesses in the Japanese American community, expectations are high. Here's what that pressure is like for the next generation.

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Giving Voice to Asian American Seniors Through Film

I couldn't imagine retirement offering much more to my life, but a digital histories film class has proven to be a challenging, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally rewarding experience for me.

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