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Board Diversity: It's 2020 and We Can Do More

Explore how a diverse board can enhance an organizations decision-making, network, and innovation.

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Next Generation Leadership Succession

Let's take a look at the methodologies and barriers to transitioning the leadership of our community's nonprofit organizations to the next generation. 

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A History of Japanese American Nonprofits

Community-based organizations make up the backbone of the Japanese American community. But where did they come from? 

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Why is Funding for AAPI Organizations So Low?

AAPI Data’s new report on the state of philanthropy shows that AAPI nonprofit organizations continue to remain a low priority for grantmakers. But why?

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5 Things to Know for Organizations Looking to Go Green: An Interview with Sustainable Shifts

We sat down with Kahlil and William of Sustainable Shifts to learn more about how organizations can use more green or eco-friendly practices.

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Normalizing the term "Nikkei"

As Nikkei Japanese Americans, some of us are used to calling ourselves "JAs." However, the term may unintentionally divide our community, posing the question of if we should begin to normalize the term "Nikkei" instead.

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