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Mottainai takes on a new meaning for this generation as our footprint decisions will be consequential to tomorrow's environment. Will we squander and pollute our precious natural resources, or will we develop cultural standards that sustain them from generation to generation? The decision is ours.

In This Issue

Chasing the Japanese Whaling Fleet as a Japanese American

My experience chasing the Japanese whaling fleet as a Japanese American ocean activist led me to realize that we can't approach conservation issues without also considering the historical, racial, and geopolitical context that comes along with them.


Reversing the Cycle, and Then Some: From Buy Amazon to Bye Amazon

One writer reflects on her relationship with Amazon and why she made a conscious decision to not renew her account after learning about the company's abusive and exploitative practices.


Bonsai Tree Roundup

Pandemic babies, pandemic about a pandemic bonsai? Take a look through our Bonsai roundup.


For the People! Sustainability and Face Masks

One person's journey toward utilizing their passion for sustainability and activism through making face masks.


Pruning the Bonsai: How the History of Japanese American Gardeners Lives on Through Their Descendants

Though gardening was a common profession for Japanese American immigrants pre and post-war, their era is now over. How do their descendants perceive and preserve their family's history today?


Mottainai: Culturally Embedded Sustainability

More than just a word, mottainai holds deep cultural and historical meaning. Let's explore how this word can be a critical rallying call for this generation.


Caring for Our Island Earth

We are all islanders. Let's learn about the habitual adjustments that are small for us, but make a big impact on the environmental sustainability for this island we call Earth.


Hidden Ecologists: The Rise and Fall of Sustainable Agriculture in Japanese American Farming

Land and micromanagement and precision agriculture techniques are perceived as innovations by environmentalists in the late 20th century. Actually, Japanese American farmers implemented these techniques in the 1900s with remarkable success...until racism intervened. 


Japanese Gardens in the States and Around the World

Whether it be a space for cultural exchange or to find a moment of peace, Japanese gardens (and elements of it) can be enjoyed around the world.


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