May 2023


The Young Adult's Guide to Slapping Professional Anxiety in the Face

Now that the summer, graduation, and the prospect of the future are inching closer, I thought this might be the perfect time to assuage some of the growing fears around the job search and career transition, especially for our college-aged readers.

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8 Books To Help You on Your Mental Health Journey

‍If you are just starting out on your mental-health journey, I hope that some of these books may help give you some places to start in thinking about why we feel or think the way that we do. If you are deep in your mental health exploration, I hope that some of these books may help give you a new perspective or insight to help you continue your journey. I hope it is within these pages that something will inspire you and help you on your journey.

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The Power of Generational Healing

Investing in your mental health has an impact that echoes through generations. Read on for reflections on my dad's journey and my own as a new parent.

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My Time At Yo! Camp

Last summer, I went to Yo! Camp, and it was one of my favorite parts of the summer.

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Meet Kaycee Martin of Littlest & Co.

Meet Littlest & Co. founder Kaycee Martin.

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