Last summer, I went to Yo! Camp, and it was one of my favorite parts of the summer.

Last summer, I went to Yo! Camp, and it was one of my favorite parts of the summer. I had so much fun meeting new people, doing all of the fun activities, and eating all of the great food. I had so much fun with my cabin that I got to spend my week with. Every person in the cabin was very nice and supportive, and we still keep in touch to this day! Our counselor was so welcoming and nice to each and every one of us. This was the same for all of the other staff, which were all also very nice.

I also had a lot of fun doing all of the activities that were planned for us. One of my favorite activities was karaoke, as well as all of the water activities. I also really enjoyed the arts and crafts that we had to do. The food was also really amazing, and they did not disappoint with the food. Every single meal was a good time, and each meal let our cabin bond with each other! One of my favorite foods that we ate was all of the breakfast which were all very yummy!

I am very excited to be going back to Yo! Camp this year and I hope to make new memories!

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