Summer Break, July 2022


Perks of Being a Rock Climber

There’s a lot to love about this sport that may seem extreme, silly, or inaccessible from the outside. And while I don’t intend to turn anyone into a hardcore climber from this article alone, maybe you’ll be inspired to get a day pass at your local gym the next time a friend invites you along!

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What is Your Summer Cocktail 2022?

What is your summer cocktail of choice for 2022 and what does it say about you?

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Obon Will Always Be Obon

Obon, like many Japanese American cultural practices, exists in the intersections of race and religion. Although Obon is a more widely accepted cultural-religious practice, this was not always the case.

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Meet Yo! Magazine's Spring Student Collaborators

Meet our eight amazing Student Collaborators from our Spring cohort: Ashley, Erin, Hannah, Katie, Kendall, Jules, Michelle, and Yua!

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Our Favorite Japanese Summer Sweets!

Sweltering in the heat? Try these Japanese summer desserts the next time it's too hot to handle.

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Stop Overpacking

Traveling can feel overwhelming as an overpacker. Use this packing template so you can focus on the actual fun of the trip, not what to bring and how much!

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Summer Camp - Parents, Your Questions Answered

When it comes to summer camps and programs, parents and kids often underestimate the importance and value of these opportunities. Let's explore the deep value of the summer camp experience.

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Culture & Community

Three Reasons Why Queer Obon Just ~Makes Sense~

This past June, Okaeri LA hosted the first ever Queer Obon (we think), or a festival designed to bring LGBTQ+ people together in community for this important Buddhist holiday.

Knights, Horses, Pirates, and Pokemon - Yeah They Were All At Camp This Year

Yo! Camp 2023 was one for the ages. Read on.

A Lump of Play-Doh: Growing Up Mixed

If I really think about it I know there were many people who thought that my mix of backgrounds was cool throughout my childhood; however, I can’t help but focus on those in my life that made me feel like I didn’t belong.

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