Different sports fit different personalities. Ready to see what sport you should play (or watch) based on your zodiac sign?



Astrology is the study of people and events relative to the movement and positions of celestial objects like planets, the moon, and stars. While there is a whole natal chart that you can get into that can explain a lot about your personality, most people only know what their sun sign is. It’s the one that you’d answer with when someone asks, “What’s your sign?”

Your sun sign determines your ego, identity, and “role” in life. If you know me, you know I am an Aries, and as an Aries, I am extremely competitive. I love almost all sports and will turn anything into a competition (hence why I was asked to write the drinking games article). So it got me thinking, is my competitiveness attributed to being an Aries the reason I love sports? While I don’t think that it is the only cause, it could be a contributor. Could different personalities fit different sports? There are certain sports that fit certain personalities better. Here, I identify which sport you should play (or watch) based on your sign. Please note I am not an astrologer, just a follower of astrology. Let me know if you agree or disagree with the sport I think you should play!

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