Congratulations! You're an Olympian! But your family and friends have to wake up at 3 a.m. to watch you compete.
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Congratulations! You’re an Olympian, but unfortunately your event will be televised at 3 a.m. in the morning, when the only people who will be watching you compete are those in the same timezone as you (maybe).

Either way, you’re going home with a gold, silver, or bronze, and will help your country in the medal count. You’ll go home as a gold Olympian, maybe get a few sponsorships, and be featured on a Wheaties box. On the plus side, if you lose, you’ll be able to live with some privacy and be out of the limelight.

But wait, you forgot what event you just competed in! Let’s find out which 3 a.m. Olympic event you'll be participating in based on your set of skills.

Hula Practices in Little Osaka

Most SoCal Japanese Americans look at Sawtelle as a place of gathering to eat, shop for J-pop influenced items, enjoy West L.A. obon, and visit the local nursery. To me, Sawtelle symbolizes HOURS of hula competition practices and bonding with hula sisters over a sweet treat from Pinkberry.


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