April 2023


Hosting Day of Remembrance as a Shin-Nisei

I'm Shin-Nisei but I put on several Day of Remembrances. If you're in my shoes, my advice? Go for it.

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Being JA in Japan

A personal, genuine reflection of my experience living in Japan and working as an English Teacher through the JET program.

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Portrait of a Japanese American (for now)

These questions about identity, about the future, torment me. From the divide of being Japanese or American came the term “Japanese American,” but what happens when we outgrow that?

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10 Ways to Support a New Mom

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and also Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. If you know someone who's recently welcomed a baby, here are 10 ways you can help support them.

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To me personally, the importance of stamping the Ireichō has more to do with honoring my family and community.

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April Showers | radiYO! April 2023 Playlists

Rainy days got you down or needing a new shower playlist? Check out our April radiYO! playlists from some of our favorite tastemakers.

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5 Things I wish someone told me about fertility

There are so many things I wish I knew about fertility that I didn't end up learning until I became pregnant and had babies myself.

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