We all have them. Here's a collection of the tree decorations we don't want you to see.

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is when my family takes a break from their busy schedule and helps decorate the family tree. In the past we used to have this really big, 10-foot tree in our living room and it would take hours to decorate the entire thing. The best part was always going through all of our different tree ornaments, i.e. the funny pictures of our younger selves, the hallmark ornaments, and the handmade ones we made at christmas parties.

This holiday season, I asked some of my friends what their favorite tree decorations were in another “Dear Abby” column style.

*Note I changed all names with my favorite shapes.

Question: What is your most interesting tree decoration?

The Golden Child

"I have an ornament that I got a while ago, and it's like a clay picture thing of my family and me. It's my favorite because it was made before my brother was born :)"


**KPOP in King (or Queen)**‍

"This is my KPOP star with Twice and BTS. Look how happy and cute they are. Their happiness is my happiness. :)"


Like Me, The Tree is Perfect

"I don't really have anything, but like me, my tree is perfect. I think my dad made this at a party years ago, though. I think it's pretty"


The Best One So Far

"I got this broken Rudolph ornament craft...and it's better this way, like some minimalistic art piece of emo Rudolph."


KPOP is King, Part II

"I have 7 BTS ornaments that I printed and cut out, and I randomly placed them on the tree because when I see them, they make me laugh."



"Basically at the Oscars Idiina Menzel was going up to sing let it go from Frozen and John Travolta was introducing her but he mispronounced her name and said "Adele Dazeem" instead of Indina Menzel and it's so funny. We had a blank ornament, so we cut out his picture and put it in."


**Cool Festive Pickle


"This one is a pickle, and it says 'Made in Germany,' but we really got it at Epcot Germany."


RIP"I have this musubi with googly eyes that a family friend gave to me. Unfortunately, it is no longer in circulation because we gave it to the cats to play with."-Rhombus‍I Said Please Submit Your Favorites"My mom bought me this tamago at a summer boutique. I don't actually have any feelings towards it..it just kinda exists in my life."-Oval‍Bob"I have this pink flamingo with the name "Margaret Bob" taped on with scotch tape. I got it as a gift from a couple of my basketball teammates. Margaret Bob was my altar ego on that team. I'm not really sure where the name even originates from, but it was a definite thing."-Cone‍Shutterstock"On my tree, there's a picture frame ornament of a dog. My family's never had a dog, but it's hung on our tree every year. My mom says it's the deceased dog of our family friend, and the dog's name was Benji. My dad said that it was HIS cousin's dog and is named Churchill. I don't really know how this black lab has become part of our yearly Christmas traditions. I've never confronted my parents about their stories, and I don't know if I ever will…"-Hexagon‍

The way we decorate our trees has a direct relationship with our own personal lives. In the end, it is our own (or family's) choice to put up whatever we so choose. The holiday season is a time for us to show our appreciation to those we are closest with, so no matter who or what you are, just live your life how you want to :) Because I don't care.

In the grand scheme of things, these small objects that we use to decorate our homes during the holiday season won't mean much. However, they are able to carry on our own memories and opportunities.

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