GAME TIME: One Liners

You have a scenario, a delivery framework, and your wit. What's the best one-liner you can deal? Grab a group of friends and have a good time!

Here's the Game

“One-Liners” is a game where you’ll be given a scenario, and a delivery framework. You’re meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time; what’s the weirdest thing you can say? You best friend is dating someone that is truly despicable and you’ve decided to tell them; what’s the most aggressive thing you can say? You’re in line at the store and you just farted; what’s the most honest thing you can say?

Grab a group of friends, click the deck randomizer and have a good time!


Click the Card Randomizer:

The card randomizer will display two cards per each click. One card will provide the scenario, the other will provide the delivery style. The displayed cards will be dealt at random and will be applicable to all players each round.

Your One-Liner:

In roundtable format, one player at a time, each player will state a single sentence pertaining to the scenario and delivery style stipulated by the displayed cards.


All parties vote at the same time (just countdown 3, 2, 1). The player with the most votes wins a point. In the case of a tie, all players with the most votes win a point.


The player who accumulates 5 points first wins!

Scenario Card

You're meeting your significant other's mother for the first time

You're meeting your significant other's father for the first time

You're at Obon and there is no more beef teriyaki

You're at Obon and there is beer

You're at Obon and there is no line for dango

Your significant other just took the last piece of food without asking permission

Your parents just called, they don't approve of the person your sibling is dating

Your friend didn’t take off their shoes when coming into your house

You were asked not to take off your shoes when entering your friends house

You have to volunteer for 9 shifts at your community center festival

You have to tell your parents you’re dating someone outside of the community

You have to tell your parents you’re dating someone 14 years older than you

You have to tell your parents you’re dating someone 12 years younger than you

You have to tell your passive aggressive friend you can’t make it to their birthday party

You have to uninvite your passive aggressive friend to your birthday party

You are invited to a party last minute and you didn’t bring an omiyage

You need to confront the person in front you in line that just farted

You need to break up with your significant other

You need to break up with someone who thinks you’re dating… but you’re not

You’re asking someone to prom

You’re declining someone asking you to winter formal

You’re a camp counselor and you need to tell your jr. counselor they’re doing a great job

You’re a camp counselor and you need to tell your jr. counselor they need to do better

You’ve just met the celebrity of your dreams and you need to tell them they have something in their teeth

You’re meeting your idol and you need to tell them they have mustard on their face

You’re meeting your celebrity crush and you’ve accidentally burped instead of saying “hi”

You brought your video conference call into the bathroom with you, and your camera accidentally went on

You’re on video conference and need to tell your teacher/professor they are on mute

You’re on video conference and someone farted (you know this because they weren’t talking but you heard a fart noise and their window highlighted green)

You just won class president

You don't like the gift you just opened

You just broke your friend/family's most prized possession that they are emotionally attached to and could not live without

You just ran over your friend’s dog

You just hit your friend with your truck

You just hit your sibling who totally deserved it

You are asked if a friend’s haircut looks good or not (it doesn’t)

You’re asked to look over someone’s work and it is illegible... and worthless

Your parents are asking you to explain why you just hit your sibling

You ask a friend to play music and they play absolute garbage

You have to break up with a friend because they are toxic

You have to break up with a friend because you just don’t like them very much

You have to break up with a friend because they are annoying to be around

You are asked to talk to an acquaintance that you absolutely despise

You have sweaty palms and are meeting your your new boss who values handshakes

You win the lottery and you have to say no to people who want your money

Your friend asks you to dogsit, but you hate their dog because it is the most ugly and disgusting creature you have ever come across

You are in your first meeting with a class project group comprised of the most incompotent people you have ever met

Your friend tells you that they were actually raised by wolves

Your cat is dead and you know the dog did it.

Your dog bit someone and now you have to put it down

Your dog was bitten and the person at fault is going to court for a multi-million lawsuit because they bit your dog and your dog is super cool

You slept through all your meetings and are confronted by your boss

You just drove your friend to a store, shopped for 3 hours, and they did not buy a single thing

There’s a global pandemic and you ask someone to put on a mask; they say no

You are trying to take a picture of a friend and someone walks in front of your shot for no apparent reason.

Your friend asks to borrow your phone but you have really embarrassing that you don't want them to see

Your friends want to hang out, but you rather stay home and watch Netflix

You have been raised by wolves, but need to tell them you’re now vegan

You’re giving someone you despise a compliment

You’re responding to your significant other who found out you still sleep with your baby blanket

You’re telling your significant other why stuffed animals are appropriate for adults

You find out your significant other is a hoarder

You find out your significant other doesn’t like dogs

You just found out you’re deathly allergic to dogs, and you have to break the truth to your dog

Your date tells you that have a bad taste in music

Your date tells you have you have bad taste in fashion

Your date tells you that you have a bad personality

Your friend left you in the desert to die. You somehow make it back alive and now must confront that “friend”

You drunk texted an ex last night, and you see them the next day

You are accidentally mistaken to be your sibling by a stranger

You are accidentally mistaken to be your mom by a stranger

You are accidentally mistaken to be a celebrity by a stranger

You just found out that your dog can actually talk

You walked in on your uncle, who is actually Batman

Your parents are telling you that they’ll be moving in with you

You’re on the phone with friend whose car you just crashed

You are asked to play a game of pickup basketball

You are visited by aliens who tell you that you are actually an alien living amongst humans

You’ve asked a thought provoking question during a meeting but everyone is silent (or muted)

You are cut off in line at Walmart

You gathered too much potluck food and everyone is looking at you

You’re asked what you brought to the birthday party that you didn’t bring a gift to

You need to tell your friend that they just ate food that’s been expired for a year

You need to tell your coworker there’s a huge booger that’s been on their shirt and it’s been there all day

You need to address the crowd that you just sang a really emotional song to

You need to say a goodbye line after the rock concert that you just sang in

You and your friend have just entered the room and realize you’re wearing the same shirt

You’ve been complaining about the smell to the group and just realized its you

Your mom walking in on you watching something you don’t want her to know you’re watching

You just farted in a crowded elevator

In conversation you realize that the person you’re dating is your cousin

You just woke up after falling asleep in a video conference meeting and it’s just you and your boss on the line

You are confronting the person behind you who has flat tire’d you multiple times now

You are on a camping trip with your friends and you forgot to bring the food

Your dad finally says he's proud of you.

You’re on a first date with someone and they casually reveal that they’re a Trump supporter

You’re on a first date with someone (non-Japanese) who greets you by saying “Konnichiwa!”

You’re on a first date with someone (non-Japanese) who tells you they ONLY date Japanese people

Delivery Card

The weirdest response

The strongest response

The weakest response

The most random response

The friendliest response

The complimentary response

The insulting response

The non-english response

The culturally sensitive response

The cultural in-sensitive response

The aggressive response

The completely unrelated response

The sassiest response

The peppiest response

The frattiest response

The sorority-est response

The sing-song response

The straight forward response

The sarcastic response

The passive aggressive response

The poetic response

The life lesson response

The adult response

The responsible response

The indecisive response

The pretentious response

The selfish response

The manipulative response

The guilt-trip response

The nonsense response

The confused response

The “i'm trying so hard to be funny right now please laugh” response

The teenager response

The incorrect response

The one-word response

The blaming others response

The dramatic response

The desperate response

The cringe response

The ultra dramatic response

The anime response

The R-rated response

The G-rated response

The sad response

The overly empathetic response

The emotional response

The Haiku Response

The idiotic response

The too cool for school response

The emo response

The text response (use acronyms)

The polite response

The irrelevant response

The socially inept response

The awkward response

The uncertain response

The emotionless response

The presidential response

The Harry Potter response

The Yoda response

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GAME TIME: One Liners

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