Lisa and Steven answer some relationship questions from the Yo! editorial team.

How have you navigated times when the two of you were apart? (i.e. long distance, one partner traveling for work, etc.)

When do you know if they're the one? Do you think that true love exists? 🧐

What tactic to you use to ignore/accept the most annoying/irritating qualities of your partner? How do you tell your partner to stop doing something without offending them?

How much truth is there to the statement, "when you marry your partner, you marry their family?"

Tips for maintaining "date night" after having kids? Any bomb date ideas? 👀

How valuable are dating advice you see online like on YouTube or articles teaching how to pick up men/women? What advice would you give to people who are dating right now?

Do you feel like the *romantic spark* has faded over the years (and perhaps been replaced with a strong bond of friendship?)? Should couples anticipate the lovey-dovey glow to fade with time or does it stick around?

When in the relationship can you fart in front of your partner?

How important is compatibility in the societally-known metrics (think: Meyers Briggs, enneagram, Love Languages, ✨star signs✨)?

How do you get through rough patches? When’s the best time to talk things through?

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