The full infographic to accompany the "Japanese Fashion Through the Years" article.

To accompany this month's article "Japanese Fashion Through the Decades," written by Nicole Sato, we decided to partner on an infographic to depict some of the standout trends in Japanese fashion that have appeared over the decades. Check it out and be sure to read Nicole's article for a more in-depth explanation of where all these trends came from and how they evolved.

Okaeri 2023: A Beautiful and Transformative Conference

I was honored to be part of such a large gathering of queer and trans Nikkei. My feelings of shame were replaced with pride, as I heard Japanese Americans of different sexualities, genders, and generations share their stories.


Nikkei Community Activities Directory

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Dear Tatami

My love letter to the best flooring in the world. But it's also so much more.


A visit to the archives (Learning from our AAPI Leaders)

Are you feeling reflective and wistful now that Autumn is here? Archiving your memories can empower you and your community.