Style guide for AKASHI-KAMA's signature piece, the Noragi Jacket.

Alec Nakashima, founder of AKASHI-KAMA, had an upbringing that many Japanese Americans can relate to: having a presence of Japanese culture at home, while trying to appear mostly “American". After returning from the Kakehashi Project in 2018, Nakashima was inspired to embrace Japanese culture more visibly in his everyday life and that is how AKASHI-KAMA and their signature piece, the Noragi Jacket, was born.

AKASHI-KAMA’s Noragi is a modernized, gender neutral, design top that was inspired by the desire to blend Japanese American heritage with a more traditional Japanese flair.

Their Noragi Jacket can be dressed up or down as needed, and is a perfect substitution to a light sweater, cardigan, suit vest, and more. The versatility of the jacket makes this a necessity when sprucing up the closet. In the same vein, the brand also released its short-sleeve Haori version in Summer 2022. The uniqueness of this signature piece is not only reflected in its design details, but also by the patrons who wear it. 

As the Noragi Jacket is a unique addition to one’s closet with distinct Japanese traits, here are some ways that it can be styled. Thank you to the Yo! Team and fans of AKASHI-KAMA for submitting outfit inspos for everyday and special occasions.

Daytime Outings
Stroll around the South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Afternoon tea at Chado Tea Room in Torrance, CA

Evening Outings
Russel Hash out to dinner in the Bay Area (Photo Credit: Russel Hash)

Formal Events
Kurt Ikeda and his groom's crew at his wedding in Twin Falls, ID (Photo Credit: The Huckleberry Studio)

Even More Styles

Andrew and Craig here. Kayla asked us to do a little backyard photo shoot. Here's a few more preppy, professional (and a few poser) styles for the jacket. Andrew was Team Red, while Craig was Team Blue (or as he likes to say, "Team Blue-ser).

Love these little tassels.
Andrew calls this one "Terrace House Casual."
Let's not pretend Craig knows how to skateboard. This board was traveling at .005 mph (and he still fell off).
Andrew says, "when in doubt, just go all black."
Craig says, "Just remember, anything you could wear with a jacket, you can easily replace with the Noragi jacket."
Justine is sporting it as an overcoat. That is, a coat, to go over your coat.
This red shirt was literally in mothballs... it hadn't been worn in two+ years.
Hi I'm Andrew. I own this city.
Bo wanted to try it on too. Unfortunately he's not an adult large.

For even more Styling Tips and Ideas, head to their blog

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