All in the (Video) Game


Video Games: Friend or Foe?

Gamers used to be perceived as losers and incels (and some still are), but it's 2022: a lot has changed.

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A Q&A with the Developers of J-Town: A Visual Novel

Iszac Gaton and Taylor Weik, developers of the upcoming indie game J-Town: A Visual Novel, talk about the game development process and all things Japantown.

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Stress Less with Games!

Is your life stressful? Try out some of these stress-free games!

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Walk the Farm - Part Two: Issei & Nisei Farm Legacy Project

Learn more about the inspiring history of JA farming families and the Southern California-based project to preserve their stories.

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In Defense of Video Games: I'd Give My Son a Game Before a Tablet

I would rather my son start playing video games than just watching TV. I believe there are a lot of benefits to playing video games, despite it being unfairly blamed for violence and obesity.

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Decolonizing Tabletop Fantasy

Cai Kagawa explores the problematic racial representation in D&D

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Into the World of Esports

Access to streaming platforms has brought esports to the forefront of competitions worldwide. Check out one sports fan's journey into the late nights, fierce competitions, and growing community.

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Dressing up for the Digital World

Dressing down for the pandemic world but dressing up for the digital world - some of my favorite video games give me opportunities to go all out in flashy outfits when I barely make an effort anymore in real life.

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This past June, Okaeri LA hosted the first ever Queer Obon (we think), or a festival designed to bring LGBTQ+ people together in community for this important Buddhist holiday.

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Yo! Camp 2023 was one for the ages. Read on.

A Lump of Play-Doh: Growing Up Mixed

If I really think about it I know there were many people who thought that my mix of backgrounds was cool throughout my childhood; however, I can’t help but focus on those in my life that made me feel like I didn’t belong.

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