The Best of 2020

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What an inaugural year! We published 121 articles, in 16 different issues. With everything from bonsai trees and Obon dances to 7-layer jello, we enjoyed exploring the in's and out's of our community's stories, culture, and history. While 2020 will be memorable for a number of different reasons, we certainly enjoyed spending it with you!

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want a cold beverage?

Have some bubbly and tasty fun with this interactive article! This one's on us.

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Bonsai Trees

Beautiful bonsai trees

Did you know there's more than one kind of bonsai tree? In fact, they come in all shapes and sizes.

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7-Layer Jello

the 7-Layer Wonder

A staple of the Japanese American family gathering and very easy to prepare. See how!

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JA Gardeners

The History of Japanese American Gardeners

Learn the incredible history that touches so many community families.

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Obon Dancing

The Famous "Ei Ja Nai Ka"

Feel the soft, summer rays on your skin again with this article about Obon and an iconic dance in the Japanese American community.

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The Mom Quiz

What Kind of Mom are you?

Always have a snack in your backpack or bag? Tend to say, "hold on, I need to go the bathroom first," before you leave with your buds? You might be the group mom. But which one could you be? Take this quiz to find out!  Oh, and don't forget a jacket.

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Dad Fashion

JA dad Fashion Keeps it Simple

Lit. Slaps. Fire. Don't make the same mistake as m, and teach your dad/guardian these words. But DO scroll through this article.

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NOnprofit History

Nonprofit Community History

We sometimes take for granted that our community nonprofits have always been here. Want to learn the history of where they came from?

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The Okaeri Conference

The Okaeri conference

Intersectionality between the Japanese American community and the LGBTQ+ community has not always been easy to find. This article shares one author's journey coming home to his community.

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Sansei Dances

Groov'n with Friends

Groove to this awesome article! Not only does it share the nostalgic memories of the Sansei generation, but it also includes a groovy playlist. Boogie on down.

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Cheers to 2021!