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Aries are known for being determined, confident, enthusiastic, but also aggressive, impulsive, and impatient. If you are an Aries and play sports, odds are you were a leader on the team, maybe even the captain. We enjoy a challenge and thrive in fast-paced environments. And we we want to win at EVERYTHING. This is why an Aries would enjoy basketball, and I don’t say this because basketball is the sport I enjoy most, but if you think about it, basketball is one of the most active sports and is high scoring. There is hardly any downtime during basketball and it can be one of the more in-your-face shit talking sports. So if you’re an Aries, try picking up a basketball and find a hoop!


Taureans are reliable, patient, and stable. They’re also possessive and uncompromising. They are practical and grounded. Taureans are stubborn and unwielding. This is why I think Taureans would enjoy soccer. Soccer is a sport of endurance. Soccer players have to run up and down the field with little reward. Taureans would make great soccer players because they will continuously put the pressure on the other team until they tire themselves out.


People are always wary of Geminis; they get a bad rap for being two-faced. But my partner and my best friend are both Geminis, so I must say I disagree. Geminis are known to be adaptable, quick learners and gentle, but they can also be inconsistent and indecisive. Being friendly and able to chat with others but also nonconfrontational, Geminis would thrive in a team sport like volleyball. There is no physical contact with opponents and the enthusiasm, optimism and spirit of volleyball players is unlike many other sports. So Geminis, use that quick learner ability to pick up how to bump, set and spike!


Cancers are known to very in tune with their emotions and the emotions of others. This can cause them to be moody and insecure. They are loyal, imaginative and tenacious, but can also be suspicious and pessimistic. Cancers should stay away from rollercoaster sports like golf where you need to forget how terribly you did in previous holes. But they’d thrive playing a sport like baseball, where your team is there to pick you up when you’re down. As America’s sport, baseball allows for the camaraderie of a team sport before, during, and after the games. After all, Cancers love to share meals with their friends and what is better than orange slices or a barbeque after a game?


A fire sign, Leos are passionate, cheerful, and funny. But they can also be arrogant, self-centered and stubborn. Similar to Aries, they are natural born leaders and would have taken on leadership roles on previous teams. The king/queen of the jungle, Leos love to be the center of attention. They’re known for uniting people towards one goal, and that goal in this case is the goal line. Leos should play football. Whether they are the star quarterback, running back, or receiver, Leos love to be in the limelight. Fearless and always up for the challenge, a Leo will always step up.


Three out of my five family members are Virgos, so to think I have spent my fair share with Virgos is an overstatement. Virgos are highly analytical and hardworking, but they need to balance that work with some fun. Their practical natures often leave them to be very critical of self and others. This is why I think Virgos should run. Running, whether track & field, marathons, or even fun races like tough mudders or color runs, give Virgos the chance to focus on their own milestones but can also be team oriented. Training for long distance running gives Virgos the opportunity to analyze their times and see what it takes to improve. So bust out your running shoes, Virgo, and hit the trails!


Libras are represented by the scales, so they are all about diplomacy and being fair-minded. But their need for everyone to be treated fairly contributes to their indecisiveness and desire to avoid confrontations. As a social air sign, Libras would enjoy a sport where size doesn’t matter like it does in basketball or football. Instead, they’d like a game where everyone is on level playing field, like bowling. Bowling is mellow and everyone can have a good time doing it. Whether they’re competitive like professional bowler Pete Weber or they just want to grab a few beers with friends two bowl a few frames, bowling is fair for everyone and depends mostly on how much time someone spends doing it.


Scorpios also get a bad rap in the zodiac world. Thought to be people who will be nice to you until they hit you with their stinger, Scorpios are actually loyal friends. But they can be distrusting and jealous. They are passionate and assertive, always wanting to be right. The Scorpio always wants more, pushing themselves to the limit. Scorpios need a sport where there is no doubt in the refereeing or scoring. Scorpios should play hockey. Hockey would allow the aggressive Scorpios an outlet for their frustration and their passion will allow them to stick up for their teammates who have been wronged (aka check them hard into the boards).


Sags are known to be head in the clouds type of people. With open minds and philosophical views, they are idealistic and love freedom. Extroverted, optimistic and enthusiastic, Sagittarians like to wander through life and are intensely curious. Sags should play a sport that doesn’t make them stick to boundaries and gets them outdoors. Sagittarians should play golf. Whether ball golf or disc golf, being able to get outdoors and not feel as confined to the lines of an indoor sport. A Sag may see a different ball line than others. Their optimistic and idealistic nature allows them to look forward to the next shot and not dwell on what may have happened on previous holes.

Ping pong

Capricorns are responsible and disciplined, having a lot of self-control. However, this can make them seem like know-it-alls and condescending to others. They can be rather unforgiving to themselves and others. Capricorns represent time and responsibility and is a sign of practicality and stability. This nature makes me think that Caps would make great ping pong players. The disciplined nature of Capricorns would allow them to focus on the small ping pong ball moving quickly over the table. The repetitive back and forth nature of ping pong would go well with their self-controlling nature.


Aquarians are very individualistic, they like to be independent and original. While an Aquarius-born is often shy and quiet when you meet them, you quickly realize they are eccentric and will easily adapt to the energy around them. Therefore, Aquarians would enjoy a sport you can play by themselves. Since they like to spend time alone and away from everything, swimming would be a great sport for them. Being able to be under water will make Aquarians seem in another world away from everyone else. Only needing to focus on themselves and their breathing, swimming gives Aquarians the competitiveness and independence that they need.


Pisces are known for being gentle and intuitive. They are compassionate and intuitive, which can cause them to be too trusting and victims of deception. Selfless and always willing to help others, they are selfless and empathetic. Pisces would do best in a sport where they can trust their teammates, or a sport without any teammates at all. Therefore, I think that Pisces should play tennis. Tennis is a game where repetition can really help them succeed and Pisces and their analytical minds will be able to evaluate their last point to better defeat their opponent. So, Pisces, I hope you will try picking up a racket and will love tennis!

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