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Sportsball for Dummies: A Guide to Surviving a Baseball Game

I’m here to guide you through the unbearable and excruciating… I MEAN FUN AND ACTION PACKED opportunity of being dragged… I MEAN BROUGHT to a bases of ball game.

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5 Things I Learned at Yo! Camp (as an Adult)

Typically when you think of an overnight summer camp, you think of all the benefits it will have for the campers – how it will help their personal development and understanding of their culture, ability to make new friends and have fun, and grow their appreciation for the outdoors, amongst many more. What a lot of people (myself included) might overlook, are the aspects of camp that also benefit the counselors, instructors, and staff.


Outside the Bubble: A Road Trip Across the US

For a long time, I have had this dream of going on a cross country road-trip constantly pestering me. Although I knew that the United States was an incredibly diverse country, both culturally and geographically, I could not shake the idea that if I travelled through certain areas of America I would be singled out, and moreover be classified as an "other".


626 Assembly Center

My grandmother and her family stood on the same ground as Asian Americans do today while attending 626 Night Market—albeit under extremely different circumstances—but it bothers me to know that her history is being forgotten or ignored.


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There’s a lot to love about this sport that may seem extreme, silly, or inaccessible from the outside. And while I don’t intend to turn anyone into a hardcore climber from this article alone, maybe you’ll be inspired to get a day pass at your local gym the next time a friend invites you along!


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What is your summer cocktail of choice for 2022 and what does it say about you?



Getting ready for Yo! Camp

Yo! Camp


Strawberry Sandwiches

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